Case Study

Campaign Visuals for Fairphone

For the launch of Fairphone’s new sustainable smartphone the FP4, we were tasked to create all the key product visualizations and animation shorts. The visuals are implemented in all aspects of Fairphone’s campaigns. From social media posts to webshop imagery to large prints and billboards. We have nothing but positive words to say about Nollie...

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Quality at Scale for Ricoh

Ricoh approached us back in 2016 to explore new possibilities of showcasing its products using computer generated imagery. As a constant innovator, Ricoh had a clear understanding of the greatest advantages that CGI has to offer: the possibility to visualize a product before it is even made, while maintaining the allure and beauty of traditional...

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Beyond Product Photography

Some brands dare to be bold in their search for great product presentation. They venture beyond the limits of still imagery and proceed into new areas of product visualization: interactive models with three-dimensional features that enable engagement and a richer customer experience. Nollie both explored and mastered these new forms of image-making, from product configurators...

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