Case Study

Quality at Scale for Ricoh

Ricoh approached us back in 2016 to explore new possibilities of showcasing its products using computer generated imagery. As a constant innovator, Ricoh had a clear understanding of the greatest advantages that CGI has to offer: the possibility to visualize a product before it is even made, while maintaining the allure and beauty of traditional photography – all without the hassle of an actual photo shoot.

Since we teamed up, Nollie has created more than 25.000 images for Ricoh, supplying the company with its ever growing demand for digital images. Our attention to detail and texture allow their customers to basically touch the product before they have it in their hands. That is why our images for Ricoh are displayed all around the globe, from Europe and Asia to North and South America.

Ricoh has been a leader in the printer and copier market for over 80 years. Ever since it launched the first compact, affordable digital office copier in 1987, the company has stood at the forefront of office automation. Today it provides support to over 1.4 million companies all over the world, helping people to work smarter with their technologies and services.

We created a workflow that enables Ricoh to envision, order and receive new images in an easy way and a very short time span. Our advanced 3D-renders open a world of possibilities.

Utilizing 3D Data

Ricoh’s CAD data provides us with the means to carefully process and optimize the models for photorealistic rendering before storing them in a digital archive. If the CAD data is not yet present, our modelling team creates the 3D-data from scratch. In that case a simple photo reference will suffice, or we will send a photographer to create the necessary references on location.