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Beyond Product Photography

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Some brands dare to be bold in their search for great product presentation. They venture beyond the limits of still imagery and proceed into new areas of product visualization: interactive models with three-dimensional features that enable engagement and a richer customer experience. Nollie both explored and mastered these new forms of image-making, from product configurators and interactive viewers to augmented reality experiences.

Our work process enables clients to use their preferred color and custom configurations. It also allows customers to view and select the option that suits their desires best. Images with the highest quality of product visualisation set the base for an engaging experience.


A 2D viewing experience pales in comparison to the customer journey that our 3D Viewer has to offer: the liberty to interactively explore a product from every angle imaginable and the ability to precisely customize the final looks and configuration.

The Future

From 3D Viewers to Augmented Reality Features: the future is here to stay. That is why Nollie adapted its workflow and expanded its services beyond traditional imagery, in order to help brands become future-proof with the newest forms of advertising and engaging customer interaction.

Augmented Reality

Nothing propels product visualization to a higher level than augmented reality. It allows customers to place a product in any environment — from the streets to a cafe or living room — and walk around the world scale model as if it actually appeared in front of them.
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